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Pecans: What You Need to Know and How to Find a Supplier

There are more than 20 different types of nuts in the world according to numerous research studies conducted by experts and professionals. The most in-demand type of nut in the United States these days is the pecan nuts. Pecans are known for their crunchiness and flavor. The demand for pecans has been steadily rising in the United States as more people become aware of their health and nutrition benefits.

Pecans originally thrived on the river valleys of Mexico. Because they were easier to find and shell, the early pre-colonial residents in Mexico ate them and considered them a healthy, tasteful delicacy. Fast forward to 1772 when pecans were first commercially grown in the United States on Long Island, New York. Both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, who were presidents, were inspired to grow their own pecan trees and ever since then pecans have been famous and in demand in most parts of the world.

Even though the demand for pecans has been steadily rising over the last few years, finding suppliers can be daunting and time consuming. Hiring the right pecan suppliers is essential for any business that plans on using pecans for their products. Pecans are normally harvested between the months of October and December, and April and September. Securing a steady supply of pecans throughout the year can be tricky for businesses especially when the pecan harvesting seasons are past. Growing pecans to maturity and fruition requires at least seven years according to experts in the farming industry. Furthermore, the process of harvesting pecans requires time, effort, and skill for ultimate success with minimal losses. Here are a few important factors business owners should have in mind when choosing a pecan supplier in any part of the world.

A reliable pecan supplier is one that is reputable and well respected in the industry. Since there are thousands of pecan suppliers operating in major cities around the world, choosing one that is reputable is recommended to minimize the time spent on the task. Pecan suppliers can only become reputable by providing the market with the best quality pecans and having the most reliable customer service team that handles all objections and issues with customers promptly. Reputable pecan suppliers can also be relied upon to deliver products consistently even during low seasons.

The other main factor that business owners need to consider when choosing a pecan supplier is how long they have been involved in the pecan trade. Pecan suppliers with many years of experience should have the capacity to deliver large quantities of the product to customers in a timely manner in addition to providing supporting services.

One of the best methods of finding a reliable and reputable pecan supplier is by searching online using relevant keywords and phrases. The best suppliers already have unique websites where customers can easily find information about them and their requirements. Customers can easily contact the suppliers using forms on these websites and even place orders. Businesses can also find reputable pecan suppliers by asking for recommendations from other businesses that produce similar products.


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