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Laboratory and healthcare service

A laboratory outreach solution is a healthcare service offered on a basis of outpatient. They liaise with physicians and healthcare organizations to offer crucial laboratory services to the local community. Laboratory services are key when it comes to healthcare. The laboratory is usually responsible for approximately more than 70 percent of medical data. This data is the main driving factor for making patient care decisions such as preventive care, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring. For all these to be done effectively, the laboratory testing must be accurate. Hence, laboratory outreach solutions need to be keen on their services. Here are some tips for a successful laboratory outreach solution.

Devote to Great Services
One of the first things you need to consider for a successful laboratory outreach solution is being committed to offering great services. This will ensure that the needs of existing customers are being met while at the same time attracting new ones. Giving same day results and convenient phlebotomy locations is at the top of the list of great services you should offer. You should also implement weekend phlebotomy services as well as courier services. Quick and reliable customer inquiry services and clear billing information are also other things that you should consider, among others.

Efficient Laboratory Production
The other thing that you need to do in order to make your laboratory outreach solution successful is to optimize your laboratory production. This is to help you maintain profitability even in the current difficult economic times. Productivity and cost should be constantly monitored so that improvement opportunities cab be identified. Certain tools and techniques can then be identified to streamline the production process.

Note that however, the customer must be put into consideration when production adjustments are made. A laboratory outreach solution should not focus solely on gaining operational efficiency at the expense of practices that would lead to business growth. Several aspects should be integrated such as quality, customer service, financial performance and work ethic.

A Productive Sales and Service Team
The other factor that will influence the success of a laboratory outreach solution is its sales and service team. Once you have a sales and marketing manager in place, the next thing would be to bring sales and service representatives on board. You can choose to either have a separate sales and service, or a blended one, with the former being more popular today. Either way, the representatives need to be well organized, self-motivated, and responsible with a positive attitude so as to keep the customers happy and attract new ones. The laboratory outreach solution can choose to use internal sales personnel or recruit external candidates. The pros and cons of each should be weighed before a decision is made.

Many Patient Service Centers
Establishing many patient service centers can also boost your success as a laboratory outreach solution. They should be located in primary medical office buildings. This will make it easy for customers to locate you. These service centers should be in a way that they offer comfort and convenience to the customer. For instance, there should be ample parking space and a cozy reception area.

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