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Characteristics of Good Packaging

Due to the high standards of health that are being implemented in the world right now, the standard of packaging is increasing and evolving to be safer and more efficient for consumers as well as manufacturers. Health organizations as well as the United Nations have endorsed safe packaging for different materials. It is important to understand the characteristics of good packaging both as a manufacturer and other consumers for your own safety. It is true to note that the current situation of the world has caused a paradigm shift in society and that the evolution of packaging is one of the changes that will be made. Going forward there are certain characteristics that you need to be looking out for in order to identify good packaging. We shall discuss some of those characteristics in this article.

One of the good characteristics of good packaging is that the packaging is convenient. It is important as a manufacturer to understand that a small item does not need a really big box to be ferried in unless it is for health hazards or security hazards. If the box should be hard to open it is important, although not necessary, to include instructions on how to open the box once it arrives at the consumer. Convenient also means that small items outfitted in small packages and big items at given enough space and big packages.

Another characteristic of good packaging is that it is economical. For example, there are some products that are very small in quantity and yet the manufacturer chooses to bottle or package them in huge and big boxes and bottles. This is not a very economical choice on the side of the manufacturer and the consumer will certainly be undergoing a lot of waste management in their houses. It is important for the manufacturer to avoid economical packaging and for the consumer to recognize that they don’t need the packaging in their homes and avoid products that come in such packages.

Another characteristic of good packaging is that it is communicative. The right label of what is in the packaging should be clearly visible to the naked eye and easy to find. For example, if you are purchasing or packaging chemicals as a manufacturer, it is due diligence to include the right table of the chemical right where it can be easily seen. If it is something that is edible, include allergy information where everyone knows it should be. Make sure the communication in the packaging is minimal and straight to the point so that you can assist your consumers to shop faster.

Another characteristic of good packaging is that it is attractive. Even though the aesthetic of packaging is not that important to how the customer uses the product the attractiveness attracts the consumers and welcomes them to buy the product. An attractive packaging does not mean having flowers all over but even the lettering and the color of the package can add to how attractive the packaging is. It is important to recognize that adding beauty to packaging is not necessary and even should be avoided in some products such as official deliveries or chemicals. If you are going to package items for retail then by all means go all out with decorating the packaging.

Another characteristic of good packaging is that it should be safe. Safe packaging means ensuring that liquid items are packed full and wrapped with bubble wrap so that they are not leaking everywhere. The manufacturer also has the responsibility to ensure that harmful or hazardous products are packaged correctly and safely with regards to the guidelines provided by the relevant authorities in your area. Poisonous or hazardous products that have been ordered either by a manufacturer or a consumer should be labeled correctly and let the buyer know that what is in the package is poisonous or hazardous so that they can keep safe.

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