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The Importance Of Rain Gutters

Rain gutters are the ones responsible for the rainwater management that protects your house. Especially during a storm or a rainy season, the rain gutters are the ones who effectively channels the water flow from your roof through the downspouts direct to the sewage system. If you don’t have a proper gutter system your roof might collect a bunch of leaves with other debris that will cause stagnant water and overflow. This can damage your home and vulnerable to damages like rotting, rusting, and termite attacks. Also, gutters are the ones that prevent any water formation in your basement. Water overflows from the roof can seep into your house foundation that will slowly weaken the materials in the foundation over time, it can weaken everything that supports the foundation.
Written below are the importance of rain gutters:

Soil Erosion Prevention
Water from the roof is the main cause of soil erosion if it’s not funneled properly. This is one of the importance of why you should have a gutter that is installed professionally in your house. Gutters are the ones that act as a passageway for the rainwater to flow from your roof into the downspouts and to the drainage.

Sidings Protection
No matter what type of sidings you have for your house, having no gutters puts your sidings at a greater risk. Even if you have the best siding for your house, it will be damaged over time. Having no gutters means that the rainwater can flow through your sidings, it soaks the sidings while staining anything in its path meaning it will slowly erode your sidings material and damage it over time. Durable materials for your sidings adds additional protection but will still be destroyed by rainwater flows, only the gutters will save your sidings.

Prevents Flooded Basements
Flooded basements due to having no gutter for the rainwater will surely damage your grounds foundation. A soaked garage can deal greater damage to the house foundation, the water can weaken the foundation’s material and will weaken the foundation that later on will turn into a big problem that involves house renovation. Think of it this way, one of the best purposes of having a gutter is to prevent any water to enter the basement that will cause a flooded basement. Flooded basements can cause destruction to your equipment and to the house foundation and even causes molds. These problems will surely cost you thousands of dollars.

Extends Your Roofing Lifespan
Having a gutter will prevent any debris or rainwater to be stuck in the roof. This means that no rainwater will cause any build-up beneath the roof structure. Because if any build-up will occur it will damage your roofing materials and will surely weaken it that will further result in roof leaks. Gutters are the ones that keep your roofing shingles in good condition. Gutters that are installed professionally will eventually keep your roofing in good condition because it will prevent any stuck materials like leaves or twigs in the roofing that will cause damages by bringing molds or even termites attacks.

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