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Essential Tips to Keeping Your Nails Beautiful

Like a superb haircut or a terrific skin care routine, healthy and properly kept nails are a critical part of a neat, well-composed appearance, which is excellent both in business and social settings. Sadly most individuals depend on myths and tales on how to protect and maintain their nails properly. Another unfortunate thing is that a good number of us primarily rely on the direction of salons. The bad thing is that some of these salons if they are not reliable and have no experienced professionals may not provide us with best advice or nail treatments. To help you out, the article shares some of the main ways you can use to achieve natural, beautiful, and healthy nails.

The first thing you should do is to shun cutting or manipulating cuticles. Whether your nails are done by professionals or you DIY, one of the main recommendations is to stop the habit of cutting cuticles. Cuticles are vital parts of your body because they act as a natural barrier to bacteria and fungus. Therefore, if you cut them, you open doors to myriads of nail infections. Cutting cuticle is attributed to nails looking red, puffy, and tattered, besides leading you to infection that may harm the nail bed resulting in permanent nail damage.

Cleaning your nails with baking soda is another way to achieving naturally beautiful-looking nails. Where regular hand washing is essential in keeping your nails clean extra attention is important to get natural beautiful and white nails. To achieve this, scrub your nails with baking soda. To achieve great results, you can put a few drops of peroxide or lemon juice on the baking soda.

You need to make sure you naturally protect your nails. If you do not use many household chemicals for cleaning, then it is good for you. This means your nails are not exposed to chemicals that can destroy them. However, if you still use cleaning chemicals, it is wise to consider using protection such as hand gloves. Studies have shown that household chemicals potentially weaken and discolor nails if they are consistently used.

It is also imperative to regularly moisturize the nails. Therefore, when applying lotions and oils on the hand make sure it gets to nails and cuticles. It has been established that regularly washing hands especially with sanitizes dry off the hands and consequently your cuticles. This is why you need to use a moisturizer often after washing your hands. One of the best moisturizers is coconut oil. Use it to wipe on your cuticles after a handwash.

It is recommended that you avoid regular use of harsh polish. A considerable number of nail polish contains dangerous ingredients like camphor and toluene that can harm the nails. That is why you need to carefully read the label of the polishes you intend to buy to avoid such chemicals. Consider purchasing water-based polishes. Although they do not stick around for long, they are safe. Those are few ways to maintain your nails naturally beautiful.

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