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The Importance Of Sharp Grooming Blades

The clipper blades are the most crucial portion of a hair clipper. If these aren’t working properly because they’re out of alignment or dull, the hair clipper is effectively useless. Maintaining them in good operating order necessitates routine maintenance and may even necessitate sharpening from time to time. Taking the effort to properly care for the blades will extend the life of the clippers and ensure that they always offer the best results possible. If you take care of your clipper blades on a regular and consistent basis, they will last a long time. Cleaning clipper blades on a regular basis is the first step in keeping them in good condition. A few stray hairs can quickly jam the blades, rendering them ineffective. It is critical to clean the blades properly after each use. Often, all that is required is a gentle tap of the clipper against the trash can to loosen any material and knock it off the blades.

What can I do to avoid my grooming blades becoming dull or blunt?

Select The Appropriate Grooming Blade

When knots become too difficult to brush out, the dog dislikes being handled, or combing causes discomfort, you have no choice except to clip them out. You’ll need a blade that’s short enough to get beneath the knots in such a situation. If the knots have become so terrible that mats have formed close to the skin, a #30 blade may be required to reach near enough to go under the mat; otherwise, a #10 or #15 blades should suffice. When cutting a matted coat, go slowly and cautiously, clipping a little at a time to avoid injuring the dog. When clipping, mats can pull on the skin, causing sores, and skin can be dragged up with the hair. Only a groomer or veterinarian should shave a matted dog unless they are experienced.

Lubricate Before Grooming

A small amount of oil can make a significant difference in a blade’s ability to cut effectively rather than chew. Before clipping, always oil. Apply a coolant spray or dip if your blade overheats, which is typical based on a variety of conditions; nevertheless, remember to reapply oil before continuing to clip.

Only Groom A Completely Dry Coat.

Only groom a coat that is entirely dry. A wet coat should never be groomed. They dry the coat much faster and at a lower heat level than a human hair dryer. Drying hands-free and using a line-brushing technique will also aid in straightening the coat and removing any lingering tangles, making grooming and finishing much easier.

Take Good Care Of Your Blades

Make sure blades aren’t working any harder than they have to. Choose the correct blade for the work (don’t try to cut a knotted coat with a long blade, for example). If all of your blades are chewing instead of cutting, your blade drive may need to be replaced. It is pretty important for you to keep your grooming blades in a good condition inorder for it to give you the best performance that you can expect it to give.

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