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Advantages of Vacuum Cooling

Vacuum cooling is used as a pre-cooling treatment for farm produce such as mushrooms lettuces, green onions among others. The vacuum cooling technique spends a short time to cool products to a given temperature. Keep in mind that the process of vacuum cooling helps increase the produce shelf life. Vacuum cooling services can help make the best of your vacuum cooling needs. They manufacture, lease, service, and sell vacuum coolers. If you want a vacuum cooler, you can contact a reputable company for the services. This article provides more information about vacuum cooling systems.

One advantage of vacuum cooling is that It removes the field heat after harvest, thereby extending the freshness period of the farm produce. Keeping farm produce fresh after harvest is not easy. Many products become unpleasant days after they are harvested. When farm produces are harvested, the heat and respiration process can make them lose their freshness and quality before they get to the market. Vacuum cooling can prevent this by reducing the temperature hence enhancing fresh produce quality. If you own a farm and want to prolong your produce, you should consider vacuum cooling.

Another benefit of vacuum cooling is that it increases shelf life and also helps reduce health risks caused by organism growth. During the cooling process, temperature control is achieved through the control of absolute pressure. This helps maintain the produce at a very low degree, preventing the growth of organisms. The fact that air flows in one direction reduces the chances of contamination. You will have high-quality produce that will give you more profits. You will not go at a loss once you harvest your products. When strict precautions are not taken after harvest, bacteria can multiply hence contaminating the produce with harmful microorganisms. This is why you are recommended to get your produce cooled once they are harvested.

Vacuum cooling helps lower power consumption and energy. Vacuum cooling is a fast and efficient cooling method compare to others. With the right equipment, the process which would take hours to cool down only takes few minutes, hence reducing energy consumption. Other methods have been around for years but they have many drawbacks. A vacuum cooler has the potential to cool down produces from field temperature to below 3 degrees Celsius in 15 minutes. This allows large quantities and quick logistic processes.

In the past years, farmers have considered the installation of more systems to improve the quality of their farm produces. A vacuum cooler is one of the most installed systems in many farms. When buying a vacuum cleaner, you can ask the service companies to design and manufacture the coolers as per your needs. They can equip the coolers with various needs depending on your needs. The units designed can be electric or diesel. The manufacturers offer units of all sizes. They can also customize any size capacity. Although not all foods are suitable for vacuum cooling, it’s important to keep your produce safe and healthy for consumption by using a vacuum cooler correctly.

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