About Caplay


CAPLAY, presented by Playful Game Holdings Ltd, is founded by a bunch of online games lovers and internet veterans.   We have sound financial supports by two international institutional investors (who also like to play games!)

Our mission is to provide a wide selection of online games for games lovers from every corners of the globe.  We endeavor to offer the best game experiences to our users through delivering best quality games and customer services through listening your comments and needs.

What We Do at CAPLAY

We Listen

Everyone at CAPLAY play games just like you. We enjoy games and we love to produce games for everyone who would find them enjoyable.  Feel free to tell us what you like, with reviews, comments, even criticism, we take your opinions seriously and will strive to improve our games until we get it right.


CAPLAY seeks out new game concepts, and fosters experimental game ideas. We design and produce new games. We understand we have to think out of the box. Therefore, we encourage our colleagues to share wild imaginations, new creations and criticism.  We believe these are what games lovers are looking after.

Deliver smart games

CAPLAY also aim to present games from independent developers from all over the world, to make CAPLAY a true forum of fun for gamers from all walks of life.