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A Guide to Purchasing the Best E-juice Brands

The latest trend is for smokers to embrace the concept of vape pens, and without a doubt, it is a sustainable solution to minimize the use of traditional smoking products. Vape pens or e-cigarettes and the conventional cigarettes are not the same things, the earlier which is often regarded as vaping has minimal effects on the health of the user. It can be confusing and daunting for a user to recognize the perfect brand especially for those new to vaping. Read the post, to see what you should pay keen attention to, so that you can find the right e-juice brand that will meet your vaping needs.

Before buying or consuming any vaping product you will want to check the reputation of the brand. Therefore a consumer especially the beginners to ensure that they are deciding on the trusted brands. Select a brand that has a reputation for satisfying the needs of consumers because there are high chances that the product will meet your needs as well. If you go for e-juices from brands with a bad reputation, you are at the risk of getting an impure product that can harm your health after consuming. Whether you are buying from a physical store or online vape store, make sure you are checking the reviews of the shop and brand. Through the online reviews, you will know about the experience of other users consuming the particular e-juice brand.

Moreover, you will want to check the flavors of the e-juice you are buying. If you are not that familiar with the flavors, then there is no wrong in trying different options. When it comes to e-juice flavors, the options are endless; you can go for the fruity flavors, foods, cocktails or go for those with a blend of tobacco. For the first-time consumers, you will be safer with the tobacco blends where you can get something similar to the cigarette you loved.

You also need to consider the nicotine potency of the e-juice you are interested in. The nicotine tolerance levels will differ from individual to individual, so you want to ensure that you are getting a product with levels that your body can handle. It is best to settle for mg or less if you are starting and 9mg-16mg would be a suitable range for you if you are an average smoker. However, it is not safe consuming a lot of nicotine because it can lead to different problems in one’s body.

Make sure that you are checking out the PG/VG ratio of your desired e-juice brand. Go for VG heavy (containing higher Vegetable Glycerol) if you are more into sweet products and more significant vapor clouds. In addition to that, they make a safer choice for users with allergies.

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